Greetings and welcome to my world...

Or the part you have to search the Net for, anyway. I am a San Francisco-based writer and this web site is my electronic calling card. On these pages you will find links to my recent stories, both printed and spoken on public radio; a page of books I’ve written and anthologies that contain my essays; something akin to a blog that is really more a series of mini personal essays for all six of my loyal and adoring fans; a link to a separate web site devoted entirely to my most recent book Office Mate; and my bio. All the usual stuff you find on the typical writer's Web site. Thank you for visiting. You know how piteous writers are in their attention-seeking behaviors. I'm glad I'm not like that.

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New, or Practically New

  • Fame and Fortune: Currently working on, and shocked to find I’m making headway with, the latter. Partly because of a bit of movement on the former. Perhaps endurance is the key to everything after all.