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The Programmer Ate My Website—Friday, August 29, 2008

You know something is wrong when I neglect my website. I adore my website. It’s good-looking, and also brown. I adore brown.
Here is what happened. My web site was hijacked by the programmer I hired to fix it. As good-looking as I may think my web site is, many of its pages were broken. For example, if I wanted to update the New, or Practically New box, which I want to do weekly, my webmaster (that would be Tom, my husband) had to manually input the information on every single page. That’s because the box was not designed to be dynamic. As tech-savvy as Tom may be, he’s not a professional programmer. So we hired someone. The someone fixed about half of the broken things, asked for a check the work already completed, got paid, and then disappeared.
I’m not kidding when I say disappeared. He seems no longer to exist. I’m sincerely afraid he was hit by a car and killed. His voice isn’t on his cell phone anymore. He doesn’t answer emails or texts. He has not done anything recorded by Google since June. I pinged two people who had hired him to work on their web sites to ask if they know his whereabouts, and they didn’t answer. So I hunted up the invoice he submitted to find out where he lives, and it was a P.O. box. When I searched the White Pages, I found there is no one by his very unusual name with a physical address in the United States.
This is really bothering me, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s a very creepy mystery. All I want is to know that he is alive—I realize he won’t be finishing the project, whether he is above ground or below it. Either way, I am full of unwritten blog entries and I will need a new programmer. Any recommendations?



New, or Practically New

  • Fame and Fortune: Currently working on, and shocked to find I’m making headway with, the latter. Partly because of a bit of movement on the former. Perhaps endurance is the key to everything after all.