nonBlog: December 2008

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Cosmo Girl, I Mean Cosmo Middle-Aged Woman—Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I’m quoted and Office Mate is featured—for the second time in six months—in the current (January) issue of Cosmopolitan. Go figure. The inverse relationship between the astonishing amount of press Helaine’s and my book has garnered and the paltry amount of money it has made for us continues to astonish me. If you want to check out the quotes, you’ll find me in the article about the “New Life Rules to Follow Now” (as in, Do Mix Business and Pleasure).
That’s not all. Helaine and I were recently featured in a plum spot on AOL about “The Rules of Office Romance” that received over 1.3 million page views.
I keep thinking about that awful 1981 movie “Rich and Famous,” starring Jacqueline Bisset and Candice Bergen, which was about warring best friends who are both writers. Jackie Bisset is the suffering literary fiction author and Candice Bergen is the Malibu pop novelist who rakes in all the bucks with her cheese. And to console Bisset, Bergen says, “There are lots of people around here who are rich and famous. You’re just famous—that’s harder to do!” Helaine and I must console ourselves that we may not be rich, but we’re, well, not-unknown? And is that harder to do?


Leave the Damn Computer Alone—Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am supposed to be on leave from work. I am not supposed to be writing. I am not supposed to be consulting. I am not supposed to be committing to untold volunteer projects at the kids’ school. Instead I am supposed to be tending to family matters like Liv’s high school applications, and giving myself some less-fettered time to process my dad’s death.
But I give up—I can’t do it. As petty and stupid as it seems, when I don’t have a byline I feel like I have nothing to say for myself. When I’m not contributing to the GDP, I feel small. When I’m not saying something in public, I feel invisible. So I recorded this Perspective, called “Economic News for Dummies” for KQED public radio, and it airs today and this weekend. I even got lucky; because of the pledge drive the piece got an extra airing during NewsHour. So I feel even less small and invisible.
I know it’s not supposed to be about me. And I know this fall is supposed to be about the kids and some of my own neglected needs. But I’m a part of this world, and I feel compelled to comment on its doings. My dad is not here anymore, but I’m learning that part of taking the time to feel the impact of his death is to notice the things that make me feel alive. Working is one of them.
It’s ironic, isn’t it? My dad hated working more than anything else.


New, or Practically New

  • Fame and Fortune: Currently working on, and shocked to find I’m making headway with, the latter. Partly because of a bit of movement on the former. Perhaps endurance is the key to everything after all.