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Work For Love and Profit—Monday, September 20, 2010

I am quoted in the new issue of Bloomberg Businessweek as the contrary voice in an article about how office romance is supposedly on the wane because lovers are fearful of third-party lawsuits. I respect Spencer Morgan’s point, but I have to say that declaring the decline of office romance as a response to potential legal trouble is a little like declaring the decline of chocolate as a response to the latest government figures on obesity. Dream on and all that. But the story is certainly leggy: it’s been picked up by MSNBC, the San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo News, The Daily Beast, and New York Magazine, among others. It even got a coverline.
BusinessWeek called me a management expert, which is nifty timing considering I am currently making my living as one. I had no idea I would get such a kick out of doing strategic writing for technology companies, although maybe I should have. Whenever I used to report a company story for Fortune, the same thing would happen. I would dig around in there and interview the C-level executives and hang out with the communications team and figure out what was going wrong, and by the end I wouldn’t want to write about their business, I’d want to get in there and help fix their business. Which is maybe why I’m finding it so satisfying to bifurcate my career in this way. I’m writing thought pieces and op eds and cooking up key messages and paying some bills over there. And over here I’m working on my next book and pitching the occasional article about something that moves me. (I’m working on a doozy right now; stay tuned. To say the topic moves me is a comic understatement.)
I would conclude that the collapse of journalism was the best thing that could have happened to my career, but God (or The Author’s Guild) would smite me.

New, or Practically New

  • Fame and Fortune: Currently working on, and shocked to find I’m making headway with, the latter. Partly because of a bit of movement on the former. Perhaps endurance is the key to everything after all.